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*This area is a place I post things that visually excite me. The majority of work on here is personal work. From time to time, I also like to throw in things that inspire me. In all cases, credit will be given where something is not original work. As for me, I have been a full time photographer for the last 6 years. About 2 years ago I started an IP, software company. I have an accounting degree and am almost done with an MBA, both of which I have no future plans of using. I am interested in innovation, ideas, problem solving, etc. I have spent the majority of the last decade in africa, the middle east, Haiti, and various parts of the US. My dream looks like a motorcycle on a desert road with no destination. Thanks for stopping by.
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    Beautiful results from a collaboration between friends Zach Johnson (zucherman) and Chris Kuehl (christopher-kuehl)....